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 Super Vegetto - Bardock

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PostSubject: Super Vegetto - Bardock   Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:02 am

Bardock - ESF 1.3 Jan 31
Models - Eclipse & GodGundam
Skin - Ravenblade & Kama
Edits - SV
Skeleton & Animations - DarktoothDKD
How to install?
All you need to do is place the "models" folder in your esf_openbeta folder and thats it! the folder includes the two custom Bardock models together with the XML file, it's important that you use that folder.
You can now select your custom model in the 1.3 Character Selection menu for Goku, enjoy Wink
Note: I'm aware that the damaged form of Bardock doesnt have an additive (transparent) scouter.
There's currently a bug that turns the model flatshaded when an additive texture is active on Goku's SSJ form.
When that bug will be fixed I'll update the model with an additive texture.
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Super Vegetto - Bardock
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